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Benefits For Children Under The Family Funeral Plan

  • A maximum of 1 (one) spouse and 6(six) children may be assured under the Family Funeral Benefit. Children 14-21 years will enjoy 100% of the benefit of the main policyholder.

  • Children 6-13 years will enjoy 50% of the benefit of the benefit of the main policyholder.

  • Children 1-5 years will enjoy 25% of the benefit of the main policyholder.

  • Weeks -11 months will enjoy 20% of the benefit of the main policyholder.

Waiting Periods And Exclusions

  • A 6 months waiting period will apply to all new members. Should a member increase the cover he originally applied for there will be a 6 months waiting period on the increased part of funeral over or the additional benefit.
  • Unnatural death claims paid 30 days after receiving first premium.
  • There will be a 24 months waiting period on death as a result of suicide.

Claims Procedures

  • In case of third party payments, a certified copy of the third party’s ID/Passport document is required;

  • Certified copy of a Police Statement, in event of death due to unnatural causes;

  • Bank Details and a copy of a bank statement of the beneficiary (or the third party in respect of the third party payments) for payment of the benefit;

  • The Underwriter may request a medical report in the case of stillborn babies, indicating that the pregnancy reached the 27th (twenty seventh) week; and

  • Any additional documents that the Underwriter in its sole discretion deems necessary.

  • Clearly legible certified copies of the deceased member, principle member and payee’s ID/Passport documents.
  1. In the event of a claim, the specified benefit will be paid to the Member or Beneficiary.

  2. Claims must be submitted to Selby Funeral Services within 6 months of the death of the Assured Life.

  3. The Underwriter reserves the right to cancel the policy and all premiums paid by the member in terms of the

  4. policy Forfeited if there is any evidence of or attempted submission of a fictional claim, fraud or misrepresentation.

  5. Claims must be accompanied by the following clearly legible documents:
    • An official copy of the original death certificate certified by the SA Police;
    • A completed official claim form as prescribed by the Underwriter from time to time;
    • Copy of a Completed BI -1663 certified by the SA Police.

Complaints Procedures

  • Policy number
  • Identity number
  • Nature of enquiry

For all complaints please visit our offices, call head office, send an email or write a letter to our head offices.

Right To Cancel

After the Underwriter has accepted the member’s application for insurance cover, the may decide to instruct the Underwriter to cancel the policy. The member must submit this instruction in writing to Selby Funeral within 30 days after receipt of this Policy Schedule. The member may only submit such cancellation instruction to Selby Funeral if no benefit has yet been paid or claimed or any insured event has not yet occurred. The underwriter may deduct the cost of any risk cover the member enjoyed under the policy before it was cancelled.

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